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Marijuana Initiative

Jul 8

Written by: Del Meyer
07/08/2016 3:38 AM 

California’s attempt to legalize marijuana in the Proposition 19 initiative of 2010 lost by a decisive margin. It is again on the ballot for this Nov 2016. This time it is led by more experienced initiative strategists, who have placed it in the same election as the presidential when there are more Democrat and Latinos voting. California’s major Pothead in this year’s launch is Lt Gov Gavin Newsom.

Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist and author on the staff of The New Yorker, points out that the number of fatal accidents doubles in Marijuana users.

My personal experience occurred this past year when a patient was unable to focus on our medical discussion. It seemed as if she wasn’t even seeing me. Her husband stated that she had just smoked a “joint” and wasn’t able to see clearly when she did this. And it only took one “joint.”
He never let her drive when she smoked a “weed” because she never could figure out which road to follow.

This appears to be a hazard for our road ways. Should this initiative pass, how do we to keep those that smoke “pot” from driving? What level of Cannabis in your blood stream is dangerous? Is any level safe? Should any level be equivalent to “Driving under the Influence of Drugs?” Would the penalties be the same as a standard DUI?

Maybe that would be the safety valve—all the potheads could eventually be incarcerated. But would we have to have another prison building boom to house all these potheads? Maybe the next initiative would be to allow all the potheads in prison to smoke marijuana?

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