Medical Myths

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Hospital Kills Wrong Baby in Abortion, Woman Horrified to Discover Her Baby is Dead          The hazards of legal abortion may also be dangerous including wrongful prenatal killing, Read more . . .

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Medical Myths & Rumors There are several factors in healthcare insurance that are confusing people. Some insurance carriers are advertising low cost policies with no deductibles or no copayments. This, however, results in an increase utilization which will increase the cost of healthcare. The insurance company in turn then acts as the “palace guard” by […]

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This may sound rather like the worry-free running of a practice. But you will also learn some new and interesting challenges. How to see 80 patients a day without the headaches of worrying about money. If you get behind in your entry in the Electronic Medical Record, just think about the weight loss you’ll received […]

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Zuckerberg Backs Privacy Measure After making $ Mega Billions exposing millions of peoples privacy, Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook endorses federal privacy legislation and greater regulation of political advertising even as he cast governments as too slow to address many of the Internets thorniest problems. Now, isn’t that passing the buck on a […]

By Del Meyer on 06/21/2019 1:38 PM

The Radical Fringe on the Left cannot accept the incontrovertible fact that President Trump won the presidential elections in 2016. They can’t accept the findings of the two volume Mueller record of the inquiry; the numerous subpoenas that were served; the $millions spent on this inquiry; or that he is still our president sitting in […]

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The practice of medicine and resultant health care cost has been pushed far out of proportion to their basic costs. This has precipitated the Myth and Rumor that health care is so very expensive that you could suffer and possibly die if you did not have health insurance.

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If intrinsic motivations alone were enough to influence health behaviors, individuals would not smoke, all drivers would wear seat belts, and patients with chronic conditions would take their medications. Yet approximately half of patients prescribed single-drug therapy for hypertension discontinue their medications within a year,1 even though presumably they want to avoid strokes and hopefully […]

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Background music helps me concentrate while I study By Naija Parker | Atlanta Journal-Constitution I’m sure we all have observed fellow students or even roommates study with music floating through the air. Some of us had to move to the library to do our studies and preparations for class and exams. Now we have researchers […]

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Insurance companies are not able to print money. Therefore, the money they use to pay your health care cost must first be taken away from you including their profit margin for their shareholders. So any time one hears that they can obtain unnecessary care because they have insurance and it is free, be sure to […]

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Gerard J. Gianoli, MD, Neuro-otologist    Third-Party-Free means that we do not participate with ANY third party (Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, Tri-Care, Workers Comp, Motor Vehicle No Fault, insurers etc).  Because we have no contract with any third-party payer, we have no conflict of interest with our patients. We are not subject to the coercion, […]