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Ltrs to Ed: The Bridge to Nowhere

Jun 19

Written by: Del Meyer
06/19/2020 12:52 AM 

Thank you for sending this.  Excellent topics and insights.


Tom Coburn was great at trying to curtail govt spending.  But the Bridge to Nowhere example is a poor one, and, further, it highlights the ignorance of Congress. I say this as one who has been to Alaska multiple years.

The point was that the bridge only went out to an island that had fifty inhabitants.  But of course…the mountains and glaciers along the lower west coast of Alaska don’t have enough room for runways.  They are therefore on small islands very close to the main towns .  With no bridge (not to “nowhere”… that is an insult), it is necessary to ferry 360,000 people a year from the town to the airport.


Karl Stecher, M.D.

Aurora, Colorado


Dear Doctor Karl:
Thank you very much for that important information.
I’ve copied it into the next for a corrective notice.
The Editor

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