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Judge Kavanaugh is not qualified

Oct 14

Written by: Del Meyer
10/14/2018 1:42 PM 

Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court vacancy created by Judge Kennedy’s retirement. He came with the highest judicial recommendations for his several appointments to various federal courts including the American Bar Association. The vetting process had essentially been completed. Just before the Judicial committee was to cast its vote, California’s senior Senator Feinstein sprung a letter she had been sitting on for six weeks alleging a sex-capade in high school. This was a disservice to Judge Kavanaugh to try to smear him after the clock essentially had run out. This was also a disservice to Cristine Blasey Ford who had wished to have it kept confidential. If she had brought this up when she received it, Senator Feinstein may have been able to have this also vetted in a confidential manner and avoided the placing of the Senate and our Country in a sex scandal. 

The vote was delayed for an additional week to allow the FBI to further investigate these allegations. As of this date, it appears that the FBI found no other evidence of sexual misconduct or evidence that this episode even occurred. That Christine Blasey Ford was so inebriated that she could not recall where or exactly when or any circumstances of the alleged incident, she was a full participant of any behavior that occurred. Since, she was not of age to be drinking, and more likely than not went to the house of the party against her mother’s wishes, it would appear that Christine Blasey (her name as a juvenile) was disloyal or truant to her mother or a recreant and if there should be any blame, it would then be equally shared.

But Senator Feinstein has contested election to be faced next month, and since her party brethren feel she was to compliant, she has now change the reason for Judge Kavanaugh’s being unfit to his forceful denial.

Some of the confidential matters have now come to light, similar to the “Never Trump at any cost,” for lack of any original excuses have been used for the Judge. And should he be elevated to the Supreme Court; the loyal opposition now states that they will impeach him along with President Trump after they will the election next month.

Elections are what keeps us a democracy. It would certainly be a surprise to the Left if the next two elections are a repeat of President Reagan’s surprising results in 1982 and 1984. Maybe that would help our country be less partisan.

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