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Sep 2

Written by: Del Meyer
09/02/2019 5:42 PM 

This may sound rather like the worry-free running of a practice. But you will also learn some new and interesting challenges. How to see 80 patients a day without the headaches of worrying about money. If you get behind in your entry in the Electronic Medical Record, just think about the weight loss you’ll received by completing the morning 40 patients during your lunch hour. That way you can start afresh at 1:30 PM when you start the afternoon 40. If you get behind, don’t worry, you’ll have all evening to catch up. You may have to miss dinner which would be a boon to your being overweight, if you have to lose weight.

Then you can go home all afresh since you didn’t have to work very hard all day. When your wife gets that gleam in her eyes, just rush off to bed because you’ll need a full night’s sleep for the next 80 entries into your EMR.

If the next day is a good as the last day, you can remember the weekend is near and you can rest up all day Saturday.

As you see your wife getting ready to hear the GOOD NEWS from the GOOD BOOK Sunday morning, you can just tell her that you don’t think there can be any GOOD NEWS that the PARSON can PONTIFICATE. Afterall, you have to rest up all day Sunday so you will thoroughly enjoy Monday, for another GLORIOUS DAY with your HMO.

Oh how to wish for the good ole days when you spent the weekend in your business office with high hopes for a REALLY GOOD PAY DAY.

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