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Is The Rectum Is An Appropriate Phallic Receptacle

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 3:45 AM 

See section 8 for a psychiatrist’s detailed review of homosexual history and behavior.

The homosexual lobby has been very active in San Francisco. They were not adverse to calling themselves queer. There were establishments with large signs saying “Queer beers,” or “Suckers Liquors.” They catered to the “Queerty” crowd. There were numerous Bath Houses all over the city which was the acceptable name for these houses of homosexual prostitution. The most famous one was the Fair Oaks Hotel which still maintains a website.

Physician spoke of a different kind of medical care these participants required. Even at Medical Grand Rounds in Sacramento given by physicians from San Francisco General hospital the medical data accommodated the homosexual behavior despite a new disease at that time, initially called AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and then HIV as the virus (Human Immune-deficiency Virus) became known. It was universally fatal for nearly a decade.  The professors would present their data on slides. Instead of incidence in males or females, there was a third column for the different frequency in men having sex with men (MSWM).

California is known for its Proposition 13, which limited property tax to 1% of the appraised value with a max of 2% increase in the appraised value per year if warranted. Many senior citizens with limited income had lived in their houses for many decades. With property values rising rapidly, property taxes would also rise rapidly. This would put many of the older generations into the poor house—or on welfare. Many were otherwise well set for their old age and retirement. Now they were losing their houses. A friend had a house for which he paid $20,000 forty years ago which was now appraised for $200,000. Without proposition 13, his property taxes would have increased from $200 a year to $2,000 a year. He said he would not have been able to keep his home without proposition 13. One of the authors of Proposition 13, had heart surgery in 1980. He became infected with HIV from the blood transfusions for his surgery. HIV was a fatal disease in the early 1980s and he died in about two years as I recall.

Attempts to keep the blood banks free of HIV, the gay lobby stated they would not donate blood if it required testing. This forceful lobby intimidated the blood bank physicians and thus the HIV, a homosexual disease, was widely distributed to heterosexuals. It was now seen in a number of diseases that required periodic blood transfusions, such as hemophilia, many blood dyscrasias that require blood transfusions as well as major operations that required transfusions. The homosexual lobby thus was very successful in promoting a wide distribution of this fatal disease so it would no longer cast aspersions on the homosexual community.

Eventually scientific reasoning prevailed and our blood supply became safe again. Bath houses were now becoming regulated or closed. San Francisco has an over a 30-year ban on gay bathhouses that really isn’t a ban at all. The city hasn’t had any legal bathhouses since 1984 when, according to the Bay Area Reporter:  a San Francisco Superior Court judge issued an injunction forcing several bathhouse owners to remove doors from private rooms and have staff monitor patrons to ensure they were practicing safe sex. The order was to remain in place until the city’s public health director declared the AIDS epidemic over. Virtually all of the clubs closed rather than comply with the rules…

But there’s actually nothing on the books that says bathhouses are banned. Some sex clubs have been offering their services in the city’s gay(est) district, the Castro, for 21 years. Some recently learned that their saunas qualify the club as a bathhouse, requiring them to obtain a permit.

Under the permit, however, they would have to comply with the minimum standards — monitors and all — that is, unless the health department revises these standards. The department just released this handy-dandy FAQ about bathhouses, sex clubs and other commercial sex venues in anticipation of a public forum. . .

An extraordinary, glimpse into the pre-AIDS gay sexual culture, “The Fairoaks Baths” is an exhibit of Polaroids taken by Frank Melleno during the spring and summer of 1978 at the Fairoaks Hotel, a San Francisco bathhouse. These candid images are remarkable because they document the life of the bathhouse with celebration and no apology. Many of the images contain nudity and frank erotic scenes, but they also capture men dressed in festive attire and the general life at the bathhouse. There is no other collection of photographs that so clearly visualizes this period in bathhouse culture.

A day and a night at the Fairoaks could mean a lot of things. The acrid smell of popper fumes and stale marijuana smoke. The clank of an eight ball in a rear pocket, the rattle of chains. Low moans and orgasmic shouts heard over an endlessly played Sylvester tune, “Do You Want to F**k With Me?” Giggles. Grunts. And whispers. The passing drifts of another cool fog spied through a curtained bay window. The happy laughter of good friends getting together. The slapping flesh of one-time lovers lustily gettin’ it on.

Those were the times to remember, not to ever forget— as if one could in their fleeting glory. Dateline: San Francisco, 1978. Life seemed never better in this fabled City-by-the-Bay. The gay revolution was in full flower — sexy, charged with itself, admitting no shadows. This brief zenith would be over in a blink. But for the denizens of the Fairoaks Hotel and other places like it all over town, it was eyes wide-open, as if every second counted. Because they did. The ticking of the clock of youthful beauty and passion was about to chime midnight and who knew what another morning would bring?

Read more history from the homosexual viewpoint at . . .

Another neglected considerations in homosexual practices is the structure of the rectum. The rectum is a frequent access for treating patient in whom no available intravenous infusions can be given. Many drug addicts have effectively destroy all their veins by many years of narcotic infusions with dirty needles which then cause scarring of the veins and even total clotting of the veins preventing a needle to be inserted to administer drugs. Many patients with asthma, lung failure, heart failure were consequently treated with suppositories. The rectal mucosa is a very thin walled structure that absorbs many medications rather well. For decades asthma attacks were treated with suppositories and results could be seen in 10 or 15 minutes—almost as fast as if given intravenously.

Hence, using the rectum for sexual intercourse was essentially injecting the various sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV essentially into the body circulation and widely distributed to every organ within minutes.  Transmission of a deadly disease could not have been more effective. The rectum was not designed by our creator for this purpose.

Only the vagina was especially designed to afford man and woman to be one flesh or one functioning organism. The vagina is a very hardy and muscular structure with wide adaptability. Just think of the male phallus in the day to day operation of this organ vs the delivery of a full size baby weighing 10 pounds or more through this structure now transformed into a birth canal several times in a woman’s life time. Isn’t this amazing and a source of great pleasure rather than death?

As physicians we must think of these things so we can counsel our patients wisely and without jeopardy.

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