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Healthcare Is Expensive

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 3:44 AM 

Intensive or critical care is expensive. That’s why it is important to have high end health care coverage. A car crash, stroke, heart attack, cancer and maybe a dozen other medical or surgical problems and emergencies would cause financial hardship in millionaires, much less us ordinary citizens. But catastrophic health insurance with a $3,500 to $5,000 deductible would take care of these quarter million or half million dollar hospital bills. The cost is sometimes as low as one-fourth standard health insurance. The savings will more than cover the deductible in most cases. And believe it or not, your cash costs, paying your doctor, your laboratory, your x-ray, your electrocardiogram will generally be even less than the deductible.

Unfortunately, most people cannot believe that their health care costs would be less than their mortgage payments or their car payments.

The insurance industry and the government and all single payer proponents, the Bernie’s of the country, have hoodwinked people into believing all health care costs are catastrophic. It’s only the dozen or so mentioned above that may be catastrophic even for the wealthy. But the rest of us should obtain only catastrophic or major medical health care coverage but pay cash for your annual doctor visits and the tests that he may require in taking care of you. For most of us until we’re over 60 or have health care problems, our average yearly costs would, more likely than not, be less than a $1000 a year.  And you would have no insurance hassles concerning what is covered or what is not covered. Thus the saving of $20,000 to $40,000 on today’s astronomical insurance premiums could allow you to pay cash for a new car. You would also live longer not having to argue with your insurance company after every expense. Medicare is slowly disappearing as the restrictions get more ominous every day. Will you be ready when Medicare goes to healthcare heaven and leaves you behind?

Why do you think so many of the largest buildings, the skyscrapers in the large cities of the world, are owned by insurance companies?

Think about it. Why let health insurance keep you, the so-called member, poor—while the health insurance companies, and their executives, become rich?

Why not get rid of these Medical Myths of Healthcare and take charge of your life!

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Medical Myths originate when someone else, like insurance companies, pay the medical bills.

Myths disappear when Patients pay Cash and let catastrophic health insurance take the risk.

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