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Will He Make America Great Again?

Jan 22

Written by: Del Meyer
01/22/2016 4:43 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      Well, it looks like Donald Trump is gaining and winning. What does that mean for our country?

Dr. Edwards:  I was not a Trump fan when this all started.  But after surveying the landscape, he may understand the “lay of the land.”

Dr. Milton:      The UK has a similar boisterous Johnson who even looks like Donald Trump. Maybe, it’s the “lay of the world.”

Dr. Ruth:        I don’t like his vulgarity.

Dr. Yancy:      But that may be his hallmark.  His “guy” talk seems attractive to the “rank and file.”

Dr. Sam:         Maybe people are tired of listening to the “in crowd” that is doing nothing.

Dr. Dave:        That’s a good point. I don’t think the other candidates could come close to reforming Washington. The guys in the “pin stripe” suits speak a different language that only the elite understand. The Grass Roots seem to be rebelling.

Dr. Edwards:  His Motto “Make America Great Again” is more like the revolutionaries in 1776. He’s more like Paul Revere waking up the citizens that the British Are Coming.

Dr. Milton:      He seems to be waking up America. There sure is a lot of resistance to that.

Dr. Dave:        The lazy always like to sleep in. They know that someone will come by later and feed them. Just like Greece. Mother Germany and the EU Aunties can’t bear to see anyone suffer. So why should we make them pay off their debt?

Dr. Sam:         Now wouldn’t that be cruel, to demand adult behavior. Children need a little time to grow up, don’t they?

Dr. Michelle:   The world wouldn’t like us if Mr. Trump became president.

Dr. Milton:      Why do we need to have the world “like” us?

Dr. Kaleb:       Britain didn’t care that the world didn’t like them as they colonized the world making English the world language. Even as India Gained her independence in 1947, UK did give the Indian a world language of which they are making valuable use. I don’t  understand why they ever gave in to the EU? Why didn’t they become the Western Singapore or the former Hong Kong? They are ideally located.

Dr. Rosen:      Yes, indeed. If you want to be LIKED join Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. He has 1.65 billion people that LIKE him.

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