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Jan 1

Written by: Del Meyer
01/01/2020 10:15 PM 


Dr. Rosen:       It looks like the House has finally voted for impeachment. It was essentially a party-line vote which may set a precedent that whenever both houses are controlled by the same party, the president can be removed against the will of the majority.

Dr. Edwards:   I agree that the House has set a precedent that may be very hard to reverse in the future. Instead of an impeachment and no removal from office, we may now see a series of a president actually being removed from office.

Dr. Milton:      The house has essentially put us on the road to a very disruptive form of government. We could go through the last three years of turmoil after each election.

Dr. Ruth:         I’m a little concerned that the editor of Christianity Today’s editor came out against our president. This ecumenical magazine was founded by Evangelist Billy Graham. But his son, Franklin Graham, who is the heir to the ministry stated that his father knew President Trump personally, had voted for him in the last election, and that he-himself supported President Trump.

Dr. Michelle:   Maybe editor Galli is finessing Vice President Pence’s early take over of the Presidency. This experience would likely assure his being re-elected in the next election. Pence is a devoted Christian who is against any abortion, mixed or homosexual marriage and also seems to lead a very devout life.

Dr. Yancy:       Max Levin in his interview recently pointed out that the impeachment charade began 19 minutes after Trump was sworn in. The Democratic push for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors started before there was any opportunity for high crimes and misdemeanors to occur. It took three years for them to find the current allegations. That should nullify the entire procedure. This should make the issue eligible to be tossed out of the senate as having no status.

Dr. Sam:          We probably should be more diligent in finding these types of offenses. I’m still harping on Mrs. Pelosi who is sworn to diligently study all laws before they are passed by congress. She incriminated herself by saying on Obamacare, “let’s pass it so we can read it.” Isn’t that prima face evidence of malfeasance in office? That should be the basis of removing her from the House.

Dr. Milton:      It looks like we really need is a thorough House cleaning. I would think that the critics of our president may be found to be in more hot water than President Trump.

Dr. Yancy:       Maybe we would then find the bottom of the cesspool and would be able to do some thorough cleaning.

Dr. Michelle:   That would certainly improve the stench we smell coming from D.C.

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