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What Is The Status Of Our Medical Coding Situation?

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 4:59 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      What is the status of our coding situation?

Dr. Edwards:  The ICD 9 is now computer derived for diagnosis. If one’s diagnosis is accurate, the ICD 9–code should also be accurate. The highest risk now is the CPT codes – current procedure terminology.

Dr. Rosen:      The CPT code now is the libel factor. What is your input factor? Is it accurate and sustainable?

Dr. Edwards: I’m not sure facts matter anymore.

Dr. Rosen:      My estimation of my work and input is the best that I can do. Isn’t that enough?

Dr. Edwards:  That depends on the reviewer and his feelings towards you. Do you know him? Do you trust him?

Dr. Rosen:      Do you want your future dependent on his feelings at any given time? Do you want your future dependent on his decision?

Dr. Edward:   How unfortunate. Never in my life have I had to plan my future around an unknown decider?

Dr. Rosen:      Welcome, Edward, to the world of government health care. If you don’t survive, you can always return to Kansas and farm.

Dr.  Dave:       But you know, even the farms are controlled by the government. How many acres can they plant? How much will the wheat or corn be worth when you harvest?

Dr. Rosen:       The bureaucrats don’t really care. They make their income no matter if the farmers go broke or even if they went bankrupt.

Dr. Dave:        Unbelievable.

Dr. Rosen:      In Orwell’s 1984, the 30 year 2014 version would be the same. Nothing ever changes. The government will always put the proletariat back into chains. They don’t understand freedom, the very reason that America was founded.

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