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Unmitigated Cruelty

Nov 26

Written by: Del Meyer
11/26/2018 3:43 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      Is our generation witnessing unusual cruelty—beheadings and cutting up bodies while the victims are still alive? Isn’t this a degeneration into uncivilized behavior in modern history?

Dr. Edwards:  I believe it occurred with the inquisition in the middle ages when heretics were  tortured with the intent of obtaining a confession. If the rack didn’t produce a confession, burning coals on the victim sometimes did. Although the church did burn heretics at the stake, capital punishment was left to the state.

Dr. Milton:      I remember when I went on a tour after a medical meeting in Peru, we were shown large pits filled with human bones. As I recall, this practice continued into the 19th century. 

Dr. Ruth:        Wasn’t it diabolical that some of the religious wars exhibited the greatest torture?

Dr. Yancy:      It still seems that we have the religious fanatics committing the greatest torture today. Just look at the radical Muslims with their beheadings oSr cutting up and dismembering humans while still alive.

Dr. Edwards:  I thought all the beheadings that the radical Muslims put on You-tube were very uncivilized. I’m not sure there was any crime that precipitated the beheadings except the animosity and hatred of America.

Dr. Ruth:        Wasn’t that also the primary reason for 9-11-01? The celebrations in the streets of Saudi afterwards certainly suggested a “joyful” celebration of a successful invasion of America.

Dr. Kaleb:       That America has never declared war on the Saudi’s is unfortunate. The late Dr. Krauthammer seems to think that war was declared on us and we should have responded in kind.

Dr. Milton:      Dr Krauthammer also said that politics is ultimately where the action lies. I believe he also said that after completing medical school and a psychiatric fellowship, he decided to become a political columnist because the political arena is where the final answers lie.

Dr. Rosen:      I think the extreme cruelty of the cutting up of the Washington Post reporter while he was still alive, should have produced a forceful response. It seems that a political liaison is preventing any significant response which is unfortunate. The Saudis also got away with the destruction of the World Trade Center by converting planes into tubes of destruction not only killing all their passengers, but also themselves as well as 3,000 workers at the Trade Center.

Dr. Ruth:        I personally do not understand how promising them 72 black eyed virgins would be so enticing. That cannot be explained by a consensual relationship in the afterlife promised by the radical Muslims.  It would have to be rape, pure and simple, and forceful. Why aren’t the feminists up in arms about the radical Muslims thinking that women are a commodity to be distributed for sexual pleasure?

Dr. Kaleb:       Just look at how they still treat women. That should make you realize that thinking of women as a commodity is still in their mindset.

Dr. Ruth:        That is indeed very unfortunate in this day and age. I am very thankful that I live in the United States where women can be treated as equals.

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