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Transgender Awareness Precautions to Avoid Penalties

Sep 9

Written by: Del Meyer
09/09/2017 12:14 PM 


As an additional caveat, if you have a transgender patient and fail to “address” them by their designated personal pronoun, you will be REPORTED to your department head. You will be REQUIRED to take “sensitivity” training, which YOU yourself will have to pay for.

In Canada, you will lose your medical license if you refuse. You will be observed closely for “attitude”.

Bill c-16 in Canada will put you in jail if you fail to pay the 250,000-dollar penalty.

This is all true. Look up the transgender issue in Canada.

So-far we don’t have this in the USA. Here you will “only” lose your job and get Data banked.

This is very real. Any comments you make about gays is reportable. If you are a political conservative, especially in the North, you are a target. Be aware.


This comment was in reply to the relatively new (I just found it but it’s 12 years old) software that is used by a reporter Nurse, who is very close to the physician/surgeon. The report goes directly to the CEO and it is unclear at this time if there is still another private Data Bank, either limited or becoming national.  This by-passes the “committee, suspension, investigation, and hearing” process of the Sham Peer Review.

Alarming and dangerous.   We are looking at this closely and gathering information.

We know this exists for OBs.  We do not know how other surgeons or hospital-based physicians are affected.

This is not meant to alarm, just to educate.  Be situationally aware of a nurse who is “too interested” in your business.

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