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The Supreme Court Nomination

Oct 14

Written by: Del Meyer
10/14/2018 1:44 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      We have witnessed a rather low point in our American History this week with the character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh.

Dr. Edwards:  This is amazing in view of the fact that Judge Kavanaugh comes with the highest recommendation of the American Bar in his previous appointments. 

Dr. Milton:      He has had a truly remarkable career with his many positions in the highest ranks of jurisprudence. No one could find any fault for decades.

Dr. Ruth:        The very idea of bringing a questionable incident allegedly committed during adolescence is truly hitting below the belt.

Dr. Edwards:  Figuratively as well as literally.

Dr. Michelle:   It is unfortunate that Christine Blasey Ford had to bring up an adolescent incident which cannot be proved and, as likely as not, may not have involved Judge Kavanaugh, or, as likely as not, may have never occurred.

Dr. Milton:      Whether it occurred or didn’t occur is irrelevant concerning the issues at hand, given his superlative career and conduct.

Dr. Ruth:        It should be beneath the dignity of these powerful people to even mention such a personal and sexual item that happened to pubescent teenagers as they work out their sexual identity.

Dr. Michelle:   I’ve found that when a date became too familiar with my body, it is sometimes best to simply but firmly state “I wish you wouldn’t do that” since girls would always lose using brute strength. I have never had a date that proceeded after I asked him not to.

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