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The National Health Service of UK

Jul 7

Written by: Del Meyer
07/07/2018 7:42 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      The UK’s National Health Service is planning a large 70th anniversary next month. What is there to celebrate?

Dr. Edwards:  This is the typical question between socialism and democracy. Socialism gets people so attuned to make “free” as many things that they can get their hands on.

Dr. Milton:      But as noted in the Wall Street Journal, the young socialists are all for the free services until they realize the cost in confiscatory taxation. 

Dr. Ruth:        But that is a big step to realize nothing is free. It has to come out of taxes.

Dr. Sam:         They initially think everyone should pay taxes until the time comes for them to pay tax.

Dr. Dave:        That’s when the rubber hits the road.

Dr. Rosen:      But that takes a long time in coming. It takes them a to figure out that they are on the road on which the rubber hits.

Dr. Ruth:        They just think that they can switch roads and then they’ll be on a new road and the rubber misses them completely leaving their rubber tracks on their previous road.

Dr. Edwards:  I don’t think we can ever find the pathways in a socialist’s mind that prevents normal cognition.

Dr. Dave:        I recall that Dr. Savage stated once he felt socialists were missing their Corpus Collosum and so their left brain didn’t hook up to the right brain.

Dr. Milton:      However, that didn’t hold water to scientific inquiry.

Dr. Ruth:        I think the most relevant characteristic of the socialist’s mind is the continuing anger and even rage. Their restriction of open dialogue is extreme. Their restriction on travel by countries is unfathomable. Remember when UK didn’t allow a talk radio commentator to travel to the UK? Wasn’t there a preliminary attempt to not receive our current president in their country? Why such anger and fear of freedom of speech?

Dr. Joseph: Ret           I think my generation lived through the most feared socialist system which has ever occurred. In fact Russia avoided the term communism and called their nation the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. The communists in our country are doing the same—even going as far as calling themselves “Democratic Socialists.” They think that by putting Democratic in their name the rank and file will not figure out their true ideology and mission. As Khrushchev noted, they would never have to invade our country. We would be destroyed from within—inferring that we would be the same in ideology with their communism.

Dr. Rosen:      Actually our Sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, had previously stated that our country would never be destroyed from without. It could only be destroyed from within. And we are living in those times. I’m sure we all have friends who don’t feel this threat. I have a neighbor who when he goes hunting for bear and deer with his rifles doesn’t see the whole picture. I asked him when he left his home recently, did he know that the candidate he was supporting would attempt to end all private ownership of guns? He just shrugged it off and said that restriction would never get passed.

Dr. Ruth:        Rosen, do you think that the UK is communistic?

Dr. Rosen:      Before Margaret Thrasher’s cleansing, they were well on the road to total socialism which by any other term is communism which touts the benefit to the masses. But that will not come in anyone’s personal lifetime.

Dr. Ruth:        Therefore, you do not think that the NHS in the UK has anything to celebrate?

Dr. Rosen:      No. They are too naïve to understand that it is their NHS that allows patients to die untreated waiting for the ambulance, waiting in the ambulance in the ER, waiting for a stretcher to be taken into the ER hallways, waiting in the hallways on a stretcher for an open exam room, waiting in the ER exam room to be examined, waiting in the ER examining room for a hospital bed, being admitted to the hospital waiting for a doctor to show up to begin treatment, dying needlessly because of the “system”  which they think is worth celebrating.

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