Medical Tuesday Blog

The March 2018 Issue

Mar 22

Written by: Del Meyer
03/22/2018 4:58 PM 

Last month’s Postings: The February 2018 Issue

  1. Featured Article: Why Entitlements never seem to go away.
  2. In the News: An Obamacare Dilemma
  3. International Medicine: The NHS is very Efficient: Able to cancelled 55,000 Operations!
  4. Medicare: Why Doctors are Leaving Medicare
  5. Medical Gluttony: Third party healthcare will always be gluttonous.
  6. Medical Myths: Does third party healthcare deliver optimal care?
  7. Overheard in the Medical Staff Lounge: Is Black Prejudice Still Prevalent?
  8. Voices of Medicine: House Calls
  9. The Bookshelf: The Deep State
  10. Hippocrates & His Kin: How are Hippocrates Progeny Faring?
  11. Words of Wisdom: Time is Precious
  12. Last month’s Postings: January 2018
  13. This month in History: February
  14. In Memoriam: Barefoot to Billionaire
  15. The World-wide Public Forum: Talk Radio Dialogues Connect with almost Everyone
  16. Restoring Accountability in Medical Practice, HealthCare, Government and Society

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