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The HANDBOOK of Total Body Re-Conditioning

Oct 14

Written by: Del Meyer
10/14/2018 1:47 PM 

The Diet-Weight-Exercise-Memory Dilemma

By Del Meyer, MD

In this Handbook, we will provide you with a global unified program for success in achieving your desirable weight and increase your understanding of how foods and specific activities relate to your health and well-being. We will provide advice about diet and exercise for keeping your muscles, tendons, ligaments healthy and joints mobile. We will stress that balance training is increasingly important as we age. We will advise cognitive and memory exercises to preserve your physical and mental health. Current data indicates that about one-half to two-thirds of Americans are overweight and suggests that about one-third are obese. 

After 45 years of medical practice treating more than 40,000 patients in my office, I can affirm the validity of the data concerning the prevalence of obesity and the resultant diabetic, cardiac, and kidney disease. What is frequently not appreciated is the arthritic effect obesity has on our weight bearing joints; the hips, knees, ankles, feet and spine when they are overburdened by excessive weight. This is a serious health problem and frequent cause of disability. However, there are thousands of diets, weight loss, and exercise programs on the market as can be seen on the bookseller’s shelves. Why are they proliferating despite their ineffectiveness? Why is obesity continuing to increase in nearly epidemic proportions? What is missing to make the human body healthy?

We have designed this handbook to cover and unify what is missing. in a concise handbook fashion which is easy to read and to follow. The end-result should be a normal weight, improved cardio-vascular system, improved musculo-skeletal system with a reduction in backache and joint problems and improved mental functioning. Thus, as you follow this handbook, you will enjoy an improvement in both physical (musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, diabetic) and mental (cognition, memory, well-being) health. A healthy body is a condition that creates a healthy mind. We have included mental and memory exercises in this handbook for a total body and mind re-conditioning program.

This Scientific-Weight-Loss-Exercise-Total Body Reconditioning Handbook may be the most important information for your physical and mental health that you have ever read. It is written in a straight forward fashion, so it will be easily understood. It is in Digest Size and soft cover, which makes it easy to carry with you for easy reference as you shop, travel or even dine out. You can download it into your I-pad, I-pod, or laptop so that you can easily access the references directly from the web with one-click. This makes important information available to you in all aspects of your life and further enlarges your understanding of the totality of your problem.

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