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The Epoch Times: Joe Biden Appears to Outperform in Counties Using Dominion or HART Voting Machines: according to a Data Analyst

Jan 6

Written by: Del Meyer
01/06/2021 1:02 AM 

The current fraud has been developed over years. The decisions of which voting machines to order were made long before the November elections. The November Election fraud is very deep and extremely well planned for a very long time. The Democrats were very vocal in denying any evidence of fraud prior to any allegations of fraud. This is very self-incriminating to begin the denial process prior to any allegations. This has been a very carefully thought out and planned subversion of our national elections and make socialism and communism a fait accompli. Never have candidates been so bold as to state that socialism is a preferred form of government or the current Senatorial Candidate in Georgia an avowed Marxist. The three executives of BLM are trained Marxists. There seems to be some question as to what a trained Marxist really is. But we will wager that if push comes to war, any trained Marxist would have no conscience pangs to behead any of us for their cause.

This take over has its roots the 1960s with the take over of American Education system while the natives were asleep. A number of University faculty have been castigating the American Freedom that has made this country prosper more than any other nation in history and prosper more quickly. They have trained their students to hate America, the freest country in the world. They have developed an Armada of trained Socialists that will be hard to stop. They have hoodwinked America with their Democratic Socialist Agenda. Time is of the essence. We only have one week. This has to be stopped during the next week.

It would be blatant espionage to allow Biden and Harris to be seated along with all their socialists and communist supporters and appointees which would entrench us as a socialistic and communist country.

The Countries of Eastern Europe have decreed that there is no basic difference between Socialists, Communists, or Nazism. They all lead to totalitarianism. They are all our enemies and must be stopped if possible by January 19, 2021. January 20 will be too late to save America; the Land the We Love.

If these enemies of Freedom serve for the next four years, the course of America will be altered dramatically. With the stated declaration that the rioters will not be disciplined or arrested if they come from a disadvantaged family, will only increase their outrage and threats to society. We would predict that Americans will finally become fully aware of the life of a socialist unrestrained society which may give Americans a pause to reflect on what has happened. This may bring us back to the vision of our founding fathers. If we then have teachers that teach civics and American History again, this will give freedom and America another chance in 2024. A number of our Public and Private Foundations have made it a priority to restore classical education. Thus let us support those foundations or think tanks.

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