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The American Divide

Feb 19

Written by: Del Meyer
02/19/2019 8:20 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      We’ve experienced some severe changes in our country. I’ve never seen this hostility towards a sitting president. Isn’t this an overt effort to remove an acting president from office?

Dr. Edwards:  I agree. Even with our disagreement with former President Barack Obama our criticisms were rather subdued. Some journalists predicted that when he left office, this would all surface.

Dr. Milton:      Well surface it did. There are now innumerable groups and journalist arising to criticize many of his actions. But many of the criticisms are simply ones that Mr. Obama did by fiat with no major criticism.

Dr. Edwards:  This is the real American Divide. The Leftist fully support what Obama did. But when our current president gives out Directive, they call him a dictator.

Dr. Ruth:        Our current president never hesitated during his campaign to thoroughly castigate him. I remember in one meeting, he was asked, “Is there anything Mr. Obama did that you would agree with?” He answered “Absolutely nothing” as I recall.

Dr. Rosen:      The current issue of The Epoch Times has a clear time-line of the current efforts to destroy Mr. Trump from the time he secured the Republican nomination to the present effort to destroy his presidency. I think it is amazing that they uncovered all the hostilities the Far Left used in trying to prevent his election as well as those they used after he was elected.

Dr. Milton:      To me it is truly amazing that he has been able to tolerate this so well and still reverse our nation’s economy, restore full employment, even of the blacks which had reached an all-time low.

Dr. Rosen:      Willy Brown’s column in today’s Chronicle said it best. The Democrats don’t have anyone that seems capable of beating Mr. Trump in the 2020 elections. They have more candidates than the Republicans had which Mr. Trump defeated. They don’t have a unifying plank. It maybe a landslide election in 2020 much like Reagan’s second term when he won 49 our of 50 states which the Radical Left could not understand. I remember one stating that years from now we’ll have to wonder how Reagan ever achieved the presidency. They were thinking historians would think that his massive re-election was merely a fluke.

Dr. Milton:      We don’t have to worry about historians weighing in on our present administration. The radical left feel the facts are overwhelming. They can’t begin to accept Mr. Trumps accomplishments during his first two years. Facts will never convince the radical left. Facts just don’t seem to register.

Dr. Edwards:  The Radical Left just doesn’t seem to be able to move from first order hypothesis, through antithesis to synthesis. If A = B and B = C; why do they think, therefore, Y must = Z.

When you don’t know zen, river are rivers & mountains are mountains. When you are learning zen, rivers are not rivers & mountains are not mountains. Rivers must be mountains. When you have learnt zen, rivers are rivers again & mountains are mountains again. After Kedar Nimkar; (from Swami Vivekananda.)

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