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Telemedicine may mean freedom for physicians

Oct 4

Written by: Del Meyer
10/04/2020 10:49 PM 

Dr. Rosen:       Telemedicine has really opened up the world of medicine. We can see patients in any state and even in some English-speaking countries.

Dr. Edwards:   It is certainly very temping in this world of corona virus which has grown out of proportion because of central or government interference.

Dr. Milton:      We have not been hit as hard as the rest of the business world. When one cannot display one’s product, it is very hard to make a living.

Dr. Ruth:         This is very serious intrusion of the government in the free market world. I guess we should be grateful that grocery stores remained open. Otherwise, we would also have had a famine in the kitchens.

Dr. Rosen:       It’s almost as if the Bill of Rights didn’t exist. Our personal freedoms are slowly being placed in jeopardy. Read more . . .

Dr. Sam:          The liberals are trying to eliminate them—slowly one-by-one. First they are trying to eliminate our hunting rifles. Then they are trying to stifle our free speech if we dare to make too much fuss.

Dr. Edwards:   It’s actually very frightening to have the country close down without a shot being fired. I bet Stalin and Hitler would have enjoyed taking over entire countries so peacefully.       

Dr. Michelle:   I can’t believe that they have shut down churches, Sunday Schools, day schools without a whimper. We met for Bible Class in the Parish Hall which had ventilation on three sides and numerous round tables for church functions. We could easily had these table service families a good distance apart, check for temp at the door and have required masks upon entry.

Dr. Milton:      The government shutting down schools is helping the expansion of home schooling.
It should also have helped our churches to move rapidly into the concept of Parish-Home-Schooling. That would have saved the Lutheran Parochial Schools which were next in size to the Catholic Parish schools. They have gone down from 5,000 parish schools to 800. I was very disappointed that the Lutherans hid their heads in the Sand and didn’t see this as an opportunity. Disruptions are opportunities for those that can see in the future.

Dr. Rosen:       While I was still in Medical School, I was on the School board of the largest Lutheran School in Kansas City. It was a two-story brick structure with full basketball court/ Gym/ Auditorium. When I visited there in the 1970s, I was shocked to see this larges Lutheran School in Kansas City closed and it was a nursing home. The congregation couldn’t afford the 10 teacher, FT principal, 10 classroom school and it closed.    

Dr. Sam:          When they take my guns, I would think the American Rifle Assoc would be ready to take the government on. I think a few wellplaced head shots would strike fear in the Liberals and they would retreat.   

Dr Rosen:        After I went into practice, I served on the School Boards of two of the larges Lutheran Schools in Sacramento and both are now closed. They said the tuition was too high. The Lutherans had over a hundred-year tradition of not charging members tuition. However, once they tasted of tuition money, it kept on rising almost as much as the wealthy with their private schools.  So we now have an opportunity to restart the parochial school system since much of the groundwork with Home Schooling has been laid towards the next step for parish wide Parochial-Home-Schooling to flourish.

Dr. Milton:      Did you see the report in the Media that some colleges and universities are touting free education. With Lectures on CDS and DVDs, they feel they can eliminate their $50,000 tuition down to next to nothing. Now that would be innovative disruption.

Dr. Rosen:       That would make the Professor’s Union make as big a fuss as the teacher’s unions are doing with primary education. Wouldn’t that make life interesting?

Dr. Milton:      Maybe freedom will have another chance, not only for physicians but also for education.

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