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Severe Errors Vs Gross Malfeasance

Jul 19

Written by: Del Meyer
07/19/2016 4:42 AM 

Dr. Rosen: This week we’ve all heard FBI director Comey discuss Ms Hillary Clinton’s severe errors in the handling of her email. She made a severe error but it didn’t pass the prosecutorial threshold of knowingly doing that which would then lead to prosecution and possibly jail term vs an error in her understanding the law.

Dr. Edwards: As an attorney of national and international reputation, as a former secretary of the state which constantly deals with the difference between ordinary conversations in the usual email, and those classified as Secret and Top Secret, she undoubtedly understood the difference and went to a great degree of time and trouble reviewing thousands of email on her several private computers, erasing thousands, and copying many thousands in trying to avoid that threshold and still falling short.

Dr. Milton: The Director of the FBI admitted there were hacking attempts on her private email, but they didn’t think any were successful. How can we be sure that information that is highly confidential isn’t at this moment on the servers in China and Russia?

Dr. Ruth: We can’t.

Dr. Edwards: Just consider the recent Russian bombing of a remote US base devoted to intelligence shortly after the brass had left. Doesn’t that suggest they were monitoring that base, even the movement of the top brass to avoid an international incident?

Dr. Ruth: It certainly suggests that to me. This should make Hillary guilty of espionage, the penalty  of which is death!

Dr. Edwards: And then the recent bombing of a CIA base which one would think has the highest of all available security. How did the Russians become aware of that?

Dr. Ruth: This information was acquired by Hillary handing over secrets via her criminal conduct  with her email. Isn’t this the same crime for which the Rosenberg’s were sentenced to death?

Dr. Michelle: I consider it an affront to women that Madeline Albright would tell women that this election is the women’s opportunity  and responsibility to give the young girls of today  the knowledge that they could now achieve any height.

Dr. Yancy: It suggests that women didn’t have what is necessary to succeed and want to blame someone else rather their own inadequacies.

Dr. Michelle: She seems to suggest that women are not capable of guarding national interests. It’s as if being a president is just another job above the glass ceiling and breaking the barrier has nothing to do with character, knowledge, responsibility, mature behavior; as if it illegality doesn’t matter.

Dr. Sam: Can you even imaging Madeline Albright as president?

Dr. Dave: It she were president, she’d likely end up as a very poor president when history makes its final evaluation.

Dr. Michelle: Taking that one step further, should Hillary Clinton become president, may God help us, and end up being the worse president our country ever had, wouldn’t that set women’s progress back decades?

 Dr. Milton: What about our first black president? Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if the first black president were to become one of the worse presidents in historical perspective that the US has ever had?

Dr. Edwards: Even worse, what if he were judged the worse president for civil rights ever?

Dr. Dave: It certainly seems that race relations are worse now than they were 8 years ago when he was first elected.

Dr. Edwards: I find it hard not to disagree with that.

Dr. Rosen: Getting back to the FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton. Did James Comey really make a  legal error by not indicting her?

Dr. Edwards: I really think that Mr. Comey made a very shrewd legally compromised decision. He did, in fact, indict her but didn’t want to prosecute her. That would have been a very difficult trial. Remember her husband was impeached but the senate failed to prosecute. Comey didn’t want to be the cause of her political future or demise. But he didn’t leave any doubt that she was guilty of perjury since the evidence confirmed that she lied. In fact, he did indict her. He just left the prosecution to congress. We’ll have to wait and see if the House displays that degree of responsible behavior.

Dr. Milton: On the other hand. We can’t forget that Mr. Comey was appointed by President Obama. Maybe he understands American Politics too well. He knows the House will not prosecute Mrs. Clinton. And that most Americans will forget about how corrupt she is within a month or two. Even though he was a member of the party of Lincoln and Reagan, he may have different loyalties at this time. So he’s given his boss a gift that allows Mrs. Clinton to be elected President, which may shore up his legacy.

Dr. Rosen: I think Attorneys are trained to think clearly on both sides of most issues. So we may never know if Mr. Comey is at heart still a member of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan or if he now a member of the party of Roosevelt. Attorneys are the best examples of never showing their hand.

Dr. Edwards: Or are the best of liars. I overheard my attorney saying to one of his colleagues, “I wish I  could lie as effectively at Bill Clinton.”

Dr. Sam: Can you even conceive of a Clinton losing in a trial and actually going to jail?

Dr. Ruth: We don’t even know who killed Vince Foster yet?

Dr. Joseph, Ret: I think we all know the likely answer to that.

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