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Repeal & Replaced Are Two Dangerous Words

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 4:56 AM 

Dr. Rosen:  The T-S-R folks are searching for new items to levy taxes on. Obama care has latched on to medical equipment as a new revenue source.

Dr. Edwards:  That should be one of the first items that the new congress repeals. That’s an unnecessary cost for health care which in turn is used for other government largess.

Dr. Milton:  What about the new taxes on the Internet for interstate commerce items? Catalog items, which is a similar trade, have been free of taxes for a long time if they were sent interstate.

Dr. Rosen:  The volume of catalog items has never been increasing at a rate that interstate items have increased in recent years. Government Taxing authorities are seeing internet sales as a gold mine for increasing their revenue and power.

Dr. Dave:  And for enlarging the size and inefficiency of government which in turn will also increase our personal income taxes as well as other taxes.

Dr. Rosen:  We were in SF last week and it’s always enlightening what the center of the T-S-R folks are doing. Condo owners are complaining that the taxes on their parking space is equal to the taxes on their condo. The owners complained that is not their understanding of the intent of the last SF initiative. The city stated that was the way they understood the law. The condo owners asked how could they appeal? The city said, “There is no appeal. Your parking space has a separate parcel number and therefore is subject to the same taxes as your condo”

Dr. Edwards:  What a devious way to double your taxes!

Dr. Dave:  How can we stop this runaway government?

Dr. Rosen:  That’s not all. They also tax the size of your roof in addition to the size of your house.

Dr. Edwards:  I don’t think this can be stopped outside of the political realm. We have make sure to reduce the number of sympathetic T-S-R folks in Congress and the Legislatures.

Dr. Milton:  We have to be very careful not to over react. Otherwise the election two years from now could go the other way.

Dr. Rosen:  I completely agree. I think the two most dangerous words the conservative use about the new health care fiasco is “Repeal and Replace.” No one has designed the “Replacement” yet that the people will support.

Dr. Edwards:  That’s why we have to chip away in increments, like the tax on medical equipment.

Dr. Rosen: Remember President Ronald Reagan. I’m sure he would have like to repeal Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. But having people on SSD be reexamined saved a lot of money. Most work injuries don’t last a lifetime but generally just a few years. So  he was able to remove a large number of people who no longer were disabled from the disability roles. That was a big savings to tax payers.

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