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People are creatures of emotion, not logic

Feb 24

Written by: Del Meyer
02/24/2020 8:07 PM 

Dr. Rosen:       Dale Carnegie wrote: When dealing with people remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion. Isn’t that what we’re seeing in politics?

Dr. Edwards:   That’s quite true when you think that humans have gone through millennia in all forms of servitude and in the 18th century devised a form of government that has withstood the test of nearly three centuries. Can’t we preserve our present civilization rather than return to servitude?

Dr. Milton:      And we have witness severe communist, socialistic, fascist, and dictatorships and now we have people in our country that want to return to loss of freedom and oppression. Isn’t it logical that we would try to avoid all forms of government control as a precursor of totalitarianism?

Dr. Ruth:         Let’s not forget that women have never had the opportunities in any previous civilization that they enjoy in this country. I don’t understand the women running for president who think they would be better off under any democratic socialistic which in all instances have led to an autocratic system. It seems that in most of the socialistic countries the women have few if any rights or freedom.

Dr. Milton:      In free enterprise we get ahead by working harder, producing more, making our product better and we enjoy even more freedom than any other civilization has experienced. Let’s not throw it away because a segment of our country fails to understand, or be acquainted with history.

Dr. Ruth:         The millennial generation has not experienced serious history, but even in the past century we have witnessed major forms of totalitarianism with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, in Cambodia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Iran, and many of the 20 Arab nations which comprises nearly half of the world’s population where people have little freedoms and where women have fewer rights and privileges.

Dr. Milton:      Let me follow up on my previous comments where I was starting to compare Free Enterprise and capitalism where everyone gets ahead at his own pace without infringing on others. In Socialism everyone competes with others to control his own sphere of influence and joins other spheres of influence or trade. With each increase in influence which is power they have to suppress their neighbor’s freedom and influences. Eventually, the greatest oppressor become the chief powerhouse and gradually eliminates any competing group until he becomes chief oppressor and controller. In this process other human lives becomes subordinate to his own power until he is the supreme ruler. That’s why we’ve seen 100 million people killed by socialistic/ communistic/ fascist dictators.

Dr. Edwards:   I think we’re seeing the fruit of socialism in our school system. Socialism denigrates free enterprise and capitalism, without ever understanding that such harmony has never occurred in a socialistic state or even any human organization. They are pushing the millennials and other misinformed members of our society to the road of slavery and serfdom, loss of our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to protect ourselves. People have difficulty in understanding the populist message. The prior mayor of New York was questioned during his campaign about someone who was shot after he had already killed two people in a school murder rampage. The former mayor said he should not have been armed. He should have called the police. He seemed to be unconcerned that the killer may have killed the entire class if he hadn’t been shot after killing his second victim.

Dr. Patricia:    Aren’t there a number of Freedom Foundations, Private Schools, Think Tanks that are trying to educate the public in regards to our constitution?

Dr. Milton:      They are doing a great job against a timeline of less than a year before the elections could possibly snuff out our 250-year freedom experiment. A socialistic ballot may be presented to the voters next November which could negate the past entire 250 years. Therefore the next ten months will be critical. Millennials don’t have a grasp of socialism which in its various forms generally leads to dictatorships. Fifty countries still live in the throes of totalitarianism.

Dr. Rosen:       Yes, they will be very strategic. Getting back to Dale Carnegie, humans basically are not creatures of logic but of emotions. The campaign is charged with emotional targets such as equality, the  low percentage of female CEOs, poverty and homelessness and claimed that they are caused by capitalism when the reverse is true. Look at all the people who came to America with little money in their pocket and became multimillionaires by establishing libraries, oil production and developing assembly lines, making efficient automobiles affordable to the average worker. Free enterprise made America wealthy, made more millionaires and now even billionaires, while most of the socialistic countries were mired in or near poverty.  

Dr. Ruth:         Unfortunately, our tax supported public schools, colleges and universities failed to teach our generation basic economics.

Dr. Patricia:    Let’s hope that Hillsdale, our Foundations, and Think-Tanks will be effective until we can straighten out our education system by moving forward to where our founders were nearly three centuries ago.

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