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Patients Are The Big Losers In Obamacare

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 5:00 AM 

Dr. Edwards:  Anybody feel sorry for our patients in Obamacare?

Dr. Dave:        They voted for it. Why should we feel sorry?

Dr. Edwards:  But they didn’t know what they were voting for.

Dr. Dave:        But they should have known. It was the same garbage that the Tax, Spend, and Regulate (TSR) party has been spewing forth for several elections.

Dr. Rosen:      It’s like so many of our colleagues that have been in the TS&R party who are convinced it’s the progressive way of moving forward. They don’t understand that they are really the Regressive Party and moving backwards.

Dr. Edwards:  That’s like many of our Academic Colleagues.  They want to be the “Liberal” thinkers and don’t realize that the name change to Liberals was exactly the reverse of its intended meaning. They no longer have an open mind.

Dr. Rosen:      Their minds were closed to all progressive ideas. So they were truly regressive—returning to socialistic ideology—the ideas from which our forebears escaped.

Dr. Milton:      They are closed minded to all innovative thinking. And they want to be innovative?

Dr. Edwards: What about our colleagues at the AMA? Why did they support ObamaCare? Why don’t they understand the damage it does to their membership and our patients?

Dr. Rosen:      They are getting to be like the British Medical Association. The BMA is the official bargaining unit for the NHS. They are union workers.

Dr. Milton:      Physicians hopefully will never stoop to union status, collective bargaining, and striking.

Dr. Rosen:      That would be the death knell to us as professionals.

Dr. Dave:        But don’t you think that is the intent of Obama, the TS&R party, CMS, HMOs and others?

Dr. Ruth:        What a horrible thought!

Dr. Dave:        They want us all to be employees. Employees of the government, insurance companies, hospitals, industry, and anybody they can better control.

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