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My Father introduced me to the evils of socialism

Nov 26

Written by: Del Meyer
11/26/2018 4:00 AM 

My Father introduced me to the evils of socialism after he voted for FDR in 1932. He voted against him in all subsequent elections. He saw the evils of socialism and a strong central government which he felt restricted his freedom, the very reason his grandfather came to this country. He eventually change parties since the Democrats were considered the Red or the communist friendly party. Time magazine didn’t like that designation so before it became a fixture in the United States, they changed the designation in their magazine to the Blue States and the naïve Republicans became the Red States. They still don’t understand how and why this happened. They never suspected an ulterior motive. Will they ever comprehend?

If it hadn’t been for that, I could have easily seen myself becoming a leftist.

* * * * *

Federal Health Care on a spiraling downward course to bankruptcy. 

The cost of Medicaid, initially $222 per user, has soared to $7,973, an increase of nearly 3,500%.

Federal health-related tax expenditures, including exclusions and deductions dating to the New Deal, amounted to $5 billion in 1967, They will soon exceed $500 billion.

The federal share of health spending is now close to 50%.

A senior couple would have paid $4500 for commercial health insurance, deductibles, and copays which included 80 to 100% of hospital and doctor charges. With Medicare, the cost is $12,800 and that would only include the usual 45% of hospital charges and 33% of physician charges.

No wonder that Medicare will run out of funds in 8 years (2026) and Social Security will deplete its trust funds in 2034.

Dr. George Meredith, MD of Great Bend, Kansas, advocated in the Wichita Eagle the “immediate and total abolition of the Medicare program.”

Entitlements never die. They are like cancer slowly destroying the host.  They never fade away.
But it’s Armageddon when they kill the host. Why can’t we act before Medicare bankrupts or kills us?

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