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Oct 4

Written by: Del Meyer
10/04/2020 12:02 AM 


The Corona virus and Obesity

The world-wide-Corona Virus pandemic is now going into its second wave of expansion as people who survived their first infection have gotten a repeat corona virus infection with a new strain. This indicates very little cross immunity between strains which is greater than the cross immunity with the influenza virus. There now have been 47 mutations of the COVID-19 virus This may make creating a vaccine very difficult.—it’s like trying to hit a moving target. Dr. Fauci has been working with the HIV virus which also mutates rapidly and should have known that after 40-years of no vaccine, he should not have endorsed that the Corona virus vaccine as on the horizon or that the epidemic cannot be controlled until we have a vaccine. With rapid mutations, we hope it will be less than 40 years.

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