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Feb 24

Written by: Del Meyer
02/24/2020 8:37 PM 

Featured Article: Climategate: Ten years later

In the News: Kentucky allow women to see an ultrasound of their baby before it is killed

International News: Perestroika Revealed Senator Edward Kennedy asked Khrushchev for help to control
President Reagan

Medicare and Gov’t News: Increasing Medicare Coverage only worsens the problem.

Medical Gluttony: Cost of a CABG in the U.S. is 4+ times as high as Europe

Medical Myths: Common Knee Surgery No Better than a Placebo

Hippocrates & His Kin: The money that taxpayers have given to the poor has not helped.

In Memoriam: Allan Gerson June 19, ‘45-Dec 1, ‘19 Made Libya Pay for Pan Am Bombing

Voices of MedicineA Piece of the Pie by Charles B Clark, MD   

The Bookshelf:  In Praise of Prejudice by Theodore Dalrymple

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