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How to create a long Curriculum Vitae

Sep 9

Written by: Del Meyer
09/09/2017 12:28 PM 

It is wise to have a data base to start.

Never write one paper when you can write two: Split your data base and refer to each as a study.

In addition to local journals, publish each study in at least three foreign publications.

Change the title and submit each study to another journal. 

Change the sequence of authors of authors and resubmit each study to another journal.

Change a few words in each paragraph and resubmit the paper to yet another journal.

Add a data point and submit to the original journal as a follow-up.

Write a paper entitled: “Final Results of (name your study here)

Write a review article about the study.

Write a book chapter with your study as the title.

Write an article called, “An historical perspective of (list your study)

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