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Feb 9

Written by: Del Meyer
02/09/2018 2:09 PM 

Surgeons Tell It Like It Is (Adults Only)

By Dr. Richard Kimble

And to think surgeons would respond any other way?? Nope! The toughest discipline in medicine has made it clear that to make it in their clique you’ve gotta swim through a few years of sh**! Just take a look at one of the responses we fielded last week.

A former surgical resident who penned an “I don’t think I was cut out for surgery” letter was met with some truth telling by those in the know: 

“Well said. Bottom line, surgery isn’t for pussies. I got yelled at and belittled many times during my general surgery, trauma surgery, and plastic surgery training. It’s a bit like the military. Only when you’ve been pushed to the point of failure do you really improve the most. When you are FORCED to dig down deep within yourself and push on in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles can you truly be your best? Much of that mindset has been lost in medicine/surgery and our society by and large. We have become feminized. Not that there’s anything wrong with being feminized so long as you are a woman. Suck it up, buttercup!”

That is pretty clear evidence that becoming a surgeon is ‘trial by fire’ and for good reason. Life and death decisions are at your fingertips. So, you better have thick skin and a steady hand.

Another response was less ‘R’ rated, but just as tough:

“One’s medical (or surgical training for that matter) isn’t one long massage and pedicure. An experience that many remember in their own way is PIMPING. Studies of medical students have almost universal negative characterizations of pimping. We conducted a study of practicing physicians (81 FAMILY PRACTITIONERS & 157 ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEONS) and found that about 80% of orthopods felt that pimping had made them a better physician, while just less than 50% of FPs felt this way. These differences were significantly different (p<0.001). Perhaps it can all be explained by one’s Myers-Briggs personality type.”

Every surgeon over the age of 50 knows what that is all about. Welcome. . .!

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