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Free Speech Zones?

Apr 10

Written by: Del Meyer
04/10/2018 2:00 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      Recent news reports indicated that two students at Kellogg Community College were passing out pocket-sized copies of the Constitution for the Young Americans for Liberty and were approached by school officials to cut it out. They were forbidden to engage in expressive activities in any outdoor locations. The school officials referred to the Constitution as a “threatening solicitation.”  

Dr. Edwards:  That’s really unbelievable in this land of liberty.

Dr. Rosen:      When the students refused, they were arrested and spent the night in jail. On release they were told if they wanted to continue these activities they would have to do it a so-called “free speech zone.”

Dr. Milton:      Restriction of speech on campuses seem to be rampant. I read in a veteran’s paper that a U. S. Navy veteran was told the same thing at Bunker Hill Community College in Massachusetts regarding the right to pass out the Constitution.

Dr. Ruth:        I understand that out here in California there was no concern for students passing out copies of The Communist Manifesto.

Dr. Rosen:      The Young Americans for Liberty have now managed to get the restrictive free speech zones and policies eliminated at 28 schools across the country.

Dr. Michelle:   That’s amazing when our country was built on the notion of freedom of speech. Our entire nation should be a huge free speech zone.

Dr. Rosen:      The ideas of Freedom have to be renewed constantly. Humans always seem to want to drift back into slavery. There were elements in Russia that wanted to return to communist control. Freedom to choose was just too threatening.

Dr. Edwards:  How do we prevent this from happening? I see so many people that are negative to the freedom we have and don’t understand the alternative.

Dr. Milton:      We have to support colleges that still teach basic civics and history. Hillsdale college is a good example. They also have course in Government and Constitution on line for anyone to enroll and learn.

Dr. Ruth:        I guess we have to be more persuasive in getting friends to enroll in these Freedom Courses.  We should point out that they can be accessed on their iPhone and iPads as well as other devices.

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