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Facebook’s Priority is Profit, not Privacy

Mar 9

Written by: Del Meyer
03/09/2018 2:33 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      The “Old News” coming to the front page: Facebook’s Priority is Profit, not Privacy

Dr. Edwards:  We’ve known for a long time that Mark Zuckerberg was primarily interested in harvesting as much private and confidential material as he could and then selling it to the highest bidder.

Dr. Milton:      The fact is that he made billions from this unbelievable business plan of harvesting privacy information. 

Dr. Rosen:      A friend of mine introduced me to face book and completed all the info required. I felt that people that wrote me with their private encounters and asked me to “Like” childish. And the stuff they sent me was like the stuff my sister entered into her private locked diary.

Dr. Ruth:        I remember when I was a girl in grade school, I kept a private diary that I wouldn’t think of sharing with any one except my very closest friend. That Zuckerberg convinced these pre-pubescent girls to share their privacy on line seemed criminal to me.

Dr. Michelle:   I would agree entirely with Ruth. That’s why I never got involved with Facebook.

Dr. Rosen:      I’ve received Facebook’s notices nearly every day. I’ve rarely open any. On rare occasions I have opened an occasional one out of curiosity. I let them accumulate and eventually delete them.

Dr. Edwards:  Frequently I see the request to apply or logon with Facebook which I never have done. In fact, I don’t remember my Facebook Logon anymore. It was actually an eye opener to think that so many accepted Facebook unequivocally.

Dr. Milton:      I’m not sure how Mark Zuckerberg managed that acceptance, but I don’t seen how he could do that legally with all the legal guards for privacy that abound.

Dr. Yancy:      Isn’t that akin to Grand Larceny? Grand Theft of private information. Why isn’t he prosecuted?

Dr. Sam:         Why shouldn’t he lose the $billions he harvested from this scheme?

Dr. Dave:        There should be some smart attorney that could make this equivalent to Madoff’s scheme.

Dr. Ruth:        I think we would have to come up with some injury that he caused. IT will be interesting to hear his defenses as he testifies before Congress this week.

Dr. Michelle:   Let’s not patronize him any more and stop any apps that may have beenadded that allows him to be the entry to any website on our behalf.

Dr. Ruth:        We can share confidential information with friends by phone, email or letter. Why advertise on the Web for everyone to see?

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