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Doctors Continue To Become More Irrelevant

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 6:12 AM 

Pharmaceutical companies are now bypassing physicians in hospital based practices and are making calls on the hospital administrators instead.

Another incursion on physicians by medical illiterate administrators influencing the freedom to treat.

Insurance companies are now bypassing their own physician panel passing judgment on whether their doctor chose the correct drug, not only to their physician, but also to the patient.

The policing of physicians in their own professional work by non-professionals

Health Maintenance Organizations are now sending their own physician, who is not on the patient’s panel, on a house call to do a duplicate “Health Maintenance Examination” and keeping the reimbursement money.

Isn’t this an unethical interference with the Doctor/Patient relationship?
Or is this just stealing the physician’s professional fees?
Or is this just plain subterfuge?

synonyms: trickeryintrigue,

deviousness, deceitdeceptiondishonesty,

cheating, duplicityguilecunning,

craftiness, chicanerypretensefraud,


The only place in the world where women do not have the freedom or right to drive a car!

The Saudi council pushes for rules to let women over 30 drive from 7 AM to 8 PM on week days and
from noon to 8 PM on weekends as long as they had permission from a male relative, wore their head scarves and no makeup.

Why aren’t all the feminist marching up and down the Jordan to protest this enslavement of their sisterhood?

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