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Democratic Socialism in Venezuela

Mar 2

Written by: Del Meyer
03/02/2019 5:08 AM 

Luis Ball, Trustee, of the Atlas Network, reports in his March newsletter that when Hugo Chávez came to power in 1998, he promised “democratic socialism” and repeatedly declared he was not Marxist. Mr. Ball states, “I met him in person many times, and he was an intelligent, charming man with a magnetic personality. But he used his political powers to seize control—and then he showed his true intentions.

“I could not stand by while independent labor unions were destroyed, private property was confiscated, and businesses were nationalized. I helped organize the opposition as well as two successful national strikes that were supported by the unions and the business community. Eventually I was accused of treason and “civil rebellion” and had to leave the country.

“Make no mistake: Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro have shown the world the true colors of socialism—corruption, brutality, and failure—while my country men are dying in the streets.”

Bernie Sander’s “Democratic Socialism” is the same song, just another stanza that he’s trying to introduce in the United States of North America. It will also bring us to our knees just as it did in wealthy Venezuela which had one of the worlds largest “black gold” reserves but is now so poor that they can’t afford to pump the “oil.” And it only took two decades for Chávez to turn wealth into poverty. If Bernie should be elected, would it take him two decades to make us one of the poorest nations in the world?

How old will you be in 20-years after losing all of your assets as result of “democratic socialism?” Will life seem worth living?

Americans must wake up now before it’s too late.

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