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Davis Officer Natalie Corona was slain in the line-of-duty

Mar 2

Written by: Del Meyer
03/02/2019 5:05 AM 

Corona was shot and killed Jan. 10 while responding to a three-car crash in Davis.
She was 22 years old.

Officer corona attended and hired on July 22, 2018. Sworn in April 2, 2018, where her father pinned her badge. She started solo just a few weeks ago. She had just beginning her career, she had made an impact. And she was young, she was seasoned and ready. We lost her way too soon. Simply put, the loss of officer Natalie Corona has been devastating to our Davis community,

WEBVTT: First, I would like to personally thank chancellor and community for your generosity in hosting this tribute to officer Natalie Corona. It is very important for us to have this service here in the community she served, and in front of those she swore to protect. You made that happen. I spent the last week searching for the words that could adequately describe officer Corona for all of you here today. And what she meant to the Davis police department and city of Davis. Some words come easily. Smart. Educated. Capable. Mature beyond her years. Athletic. And a nice person with a deep sense of purpose and desire to help others. It’s what she meant to us and this community that is hard to describe. I’m going to try. I want to share a few thoughts with our community, our department, and of course, to Natalie’s parents and her family.

First, a little bit about officer corona. She started the Davis police department 4, 2016 as community service officer and attending woodland community college, later graduate as a 4.0 student with three associate degrees. Two administration of justice, and one, humanities. Her plan to finish field training and move onto the university to continue her education. It wasn’t long after Natalie started, we realized we hired someone special. Officer Corona was smart, enthusiastic and had incredible energy to the likes of nobody I have seen before. She immediately stood out and not just because she was taller than nearly everybody. But because of how special that she was. One of the things we learned from her background investigation is that she had a hard time saying no. We heard it from her mom, sisters, co-workers and pretty much everybody we spoke to during the background it turns out the statement was true. She didn’t ever say no. Nor led on she was stretched a little too thin. As a CSO she did data entry, code enforcement, record writing and records and did whatever anyone asked her to do. To be honest, I never actually figured out which of the positions she held because she was doing them all. Officer corona was bilingual, spoke Spanish. I recall soon after she started, we had a sensitive investigation and needed a good translator. She was young. And not really experienced at the time. I knew she could step up and do the job competently and she certainly did. She was just mature beyond her years. When officer corona was at work she worked. One day her supervisor saw her in the break room. Cleaning up the tables and taking out the trash. And she asked her, Natalie that is not your job, what are you doing? She said I finished up my regular duties and just needed to stay busy. That is the kind of person she was. She took on whatever task needed to be done. Officer Corona’s desire was to be a police officer from an early age. After she started, I kept hearing her name with we have to send her to the academy. I cannot tell you how many times I heard it from everybody. I kept having to tell people, I know, I know. I get it. We’re going to send her. I said it. I kept hearing it until we said OK, we’ve got your date I kept hearing people. You’ve got to send her. She’s going. So from the time she was a CSO, we had gotten her to the academy in July, 2017. But she got injured and at this point we’re in a pickle because the funding had run out for her paid position at that time. And so we had about six months until starting in January. And we told her don’t worry we’ll get you in, everybody will be okay. She hung out. And she wanted to be involved so she volunteered. You know, as part time community service officer she only had to work 20 hours per week. But as a volunteer, we saw her all the time and she continued to do everything. One day she came in, and she was out can w. Code enforcement. They’d just cleaned up and one of the times I had seen Natalie. She looked kind of a mess. She’d worked hard. You know? I went up to her and I said Natalie? You got the job. You don’t have to volunteer, too. You don’t have to do this. She just looked at me with that big smile the full teeth smile. And she said, yes, sir. And I knew right then and there she was going to ignore everything that I said.

Thousands of people gathered at UC Davis on Friday to remember the life of Officer Natalie Corona at an emotional memorial service.

Friends, family and fellow officers at Friday’s packed memorial talked of Corona’s commitment to police work and positive attitude.

“Officer Corona could have worked anywhere. And she chose us,” said Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel, who described the 22-year-old as wise beyond her years and always eager to help others.

Watch the video above to see Pytel’s full comments.

DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) —

Singer Billy Ray Cyrus sang a somber tribute to fallen Davis Officer Natalie Corona at her memorial Friday at UC Davis.

The song he sang, “Some Gave All,” was written about a Vietnam veteran Cyrus said he met years ago.

“Today, this is Natalie’s song. And this is for one special young lady who represents the face of change. She’s a light in this world that won’t be forgotten,” said Cyrus as he sat on stage holding an acoustic guitar.

Hero workout’ honors slain Davis Officer Natalie Corona DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) —

Natalie Corona: Davis officer remembered for her integrity

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