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Clintons committed the same crime as the Rosenbergs

May 30

Written by: Del Meyer
05/30/2017 4:53 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      We’ve come to the final stretch of trying to save our professional freedom, our religious freedom, and the freedom of speech established in our country after our revolutionary war. We have published some very important columns from well-respected people in the past month. Where will we be in another week?

Dr. Edwards:  I still have hope that our citizens will awaken before the elections.  I would feel very badly is such a criminal as Hillary becomes our commander-in-chief. She has such a dismal record in international affairs. Some of the high ranking officers in my practice state that all of the Muslims in our Embassy were anal raping Christopher until he looked near dead and then shot him out of sympathy!?! Can you imagine letting four Americans be anal raped to death in Benghazi while Mrs. Clinton stood watch? Destroyed evidence indicates that she was aware of this in real time?

Dr. Milton:      Since more of Mrs Clinton’s emails from her time as Secretary of State are being published, it now appears that some “Top Secret” email was hacked by our enemies. This would be on the same order of breeching national security for which Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were prosecuted. The only difference is that Bill and Hillary did essentially the same thing in a digital world which is still clandestine. The Rosenbergs were found guilty in 1951 and executed in 1953. Since this has now been confirmed that Mrs Clinton’s email contained “Top Secret” information, it is critical that Bill and Hillary Clinton, who worked in collusion just as the Rosenbergs, stand trial for the same offense and if found guilty also be executed.

Dr. Ruth:        To think that clear thinking intelligent Americans would trust our country to such a treasonous person of the order of the Rosenbergs is unbelievable. Anyone that would vote for Mrs Clinton could not be a true American.

Dr. Michelle:   It would be a catastrophe if the first woman president were a traitor to our country. That would set women’s issues back by decades.

Dr. Yancy:      I consider Hillary the enemy of private physicians and if she gets elected, I’m closing my office. The bureaucracy of the current administration has double the cost of my office. My surgical fees have been cut by two-thirds. It would only get worse if Hillary becomes president.

Dr. Sam:         I was unable to double my staff to keep up with the bureaucratic paperwork to justify every prescription or test that I ordered, so as my income dropped, I obtained a part time job.

Dr. Dave:        I did the same. I have the option of going full time salary if my practice loses money like last year.   

Dr. Kaleb:       I used to think American doctors were crazy trying to avoid government medicine.  In the ten years I’ve been here, I can understand how your government conscripts physicians worse than most dictators in the world. And to think your country was founded on all those freedoms you have in the Bill Of Rights, your leaders have been negligent in teaching the present generation on the value of those freedoms.

Dr. Milton:      If Mrs Clinton becomes president, there is no hope for appropriate justice in her espionage crime. The only way she can possibly be prosecuted and tried, is if Donald J Trump is elected President and is able to name his own Attorney General and Supreme Court Justices that will uphold our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Dr. Edwards:  I can’t even imagine how anyone who loves America could take the risk of voting for someone so careless about our Military Secrets. But in fact, she was not careless but a very knowledgeable attorney and formed a dubious tax free Foundation to support her espionage. She did not take the risk of monetary exchange with a tyrannical government for payment which tripped the Rosenbergs in handing over the Atomic Bomb designs. If she wins the Presidency, she would feel very comfortable in sitting at the same table with Russia, N Korea, China, and Iran. It wouldn’t be the Round Table of Sir Lancelot, but the Crescent table of the Rogue Nations.

Dr. Rosen:       It would also signal the end of the 240 year experiment in personal freedom begun in 1776 and killed in 2016.  Will it take another 100 generations to read about the ancient history of 1776 to 2016 and understand how freedom flourished for a brief time? It takes a lot of effort to teach our children the value of Democratic Freedom when it is constantly tainted with Democratic Socialism, Democratic Despotism as our enemies understand the value of having Democratic in their name with opposite meanings to hoodwink the unknowledgeable. We have failed enormously as we allowed our government to change our schools to Socialism Training Camps.

Dr. Ruth:        If we win this election next month, I think our first priority is to defund all public education that doesn’t teach the Freedom of Democracy and restore private and parochial education. I think that Mr. Trump is the first candidate we’ve had since Reagan that understands this.

Dr. Rosen:      That brings up another extremely important challenge. It has only been 35 years since the Reagan revolution. But do we seriously understand what that means? No one under age 45 remembers what he did?

Dr. Ruth:        And that in turn tells us our schools have not been teaching American History, the Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and Civics in general for a long time.  Since our public education, which at one time was free but now is nearly as expensive as Private Education, we should be able to make the transition just by defunding all public colleges and university. That transition should now become nearly painless. It would also eliminate the exorbitant inflation in education costs of the past five decades. Making education affordable may be more important than making health care more affordable.

Dr. Rosen:       Actually healthcare is affordable if we took the government out of it. The government constantly justifies their involvement by saying they improve the quality of health care when-in-fact, government, whether Medicare, Medicaid, or Obamacare, have all reduced not only the quality of health care, but also made it less affordable. All three have made healthcare nearly unaffordable. Just witness the increase this year alone.

Dr. Kaleb:       That means there will be more uninsured after eight years of Obama than when he got elected. Does he understand that he took us backwards? How could that have happen during just one administration? Is the U.S. getting to be a third world country?

Dr Rosen:       Well, we should be able to answer that next month.

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