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Are The Elections Really Over?

Jan 4

Written by: Del Meyer
01/04/2021 4:10 AM 

Dr. Rosen:       The elections are over and there still seems to be considerable debate and questions.
There was such a strong anti-Trump sentiment at this late state of his administration.

Dr. Edwards:   There seems to be significant concern that there were 74 million voters in favor of  President Trump. Why did he have such a large turnout when the Democrats believed that most people dislike him.

Dr. Milton:      Also, most of the Liberals felt that he mishandled the Corona Virus pandemic and maybe even caused it to get so bad.

Dr. Ruth:         The Liberals just can’t believe that it wasn’t the president to blame. They have such a poor recollection of history to know that the Asian flu epidemic infected one-third of the world’s population in 1918-19 with 875,000 deaths in the United States which is several times as high as the Corona Virus deaths.

Dr. Dave:         It’s hard for the Liberals to understand that Presidents are relatively uninvolved in matters of public health. With 875,000 deaths, many times the Corona Virus mortality, President Wilson during that time never mentioned the Asian Flu and those deaths even once.

Dr. Sam:          I think President Trump lost the election in large part because the Liberal Far Left party because of the pandemic. I think he did what was necessary, or even more than what was necessary, as related to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Dr. Michelle:   With the Mayor of New York discharging the Corona Virus patients to nursing homes, he caused a huge increase in death of the elderly infirmed.

Dr. Yancy:       Since he thinks all the old and sick people should be subject to physician assisted suicide, he certainly hit the jackpot.

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