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Why wait until a patient is dead before harvesting his organs?

Aug 6

Written by: Del Meyer
08/06/2019 12:15 AM 

In some countries organs can be harvested prior to death to improve the quality of the organs; the prisoner to be executed or the patient requesting suicide assist, can then be euthanized after harvesting.

In China organs are harvested from executed political prisoners. The execution is sometimes delayed until a request for a heart transplant is received.

In Canada, where euthanasia is legal, is considering coordinating requested suicide with transplant requests.

In Holland doctors and nurses can influence a patient’s decision to end his life and time it with requests for organs.

F. H. Buckley of the Scalia Law School states in his WSJ column on June 15, 2019, that the medical professionals should not be given the incentive to see their patients as sacks of valuable organs rather than human beings.

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Patients should never have to worry whether their Doctors in White might be their executioner.

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