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By Del Meyer on 10/2/2010 1:18 PM
Mitt Romney is in The Wrong Political Party; Maybe Even the Wrong Country.

OBAMACARE = ROMNEYCARE: Your signature government-run health care experiment in Massachusetts was a dismal failure. Nonetheless, in May 2009, you cited it as one of your "best ideas," praised it in July 2009, and in May 2009 said that "the best path to healthcare reform is to let the American people make their own decisions, not have those decisions forced on them by government."

[Never mind that RomneyCare forced decisions on individuals residing in Massachusetts.]

Your health care plan formed the basis for Obama's Socialist health care "reform." (The Daily News Record via FR/CATO/The Salt Lake Tribune via FR/The Boston Globe via FR/Fox News via FR/The Boston Globe via FR)